About Me

My first hand painted mug, inspired by my cats.
My first hand painted mug, inspired by my cats.
Hi, my name is Anne Thai and I am the founder of ThriftedCrafts. ThriftedCrafts is my project portfolio where I share how I turn thrifted findings into creative trending craft pieces.

Back Story
Funny enough, I have been doing thrifted crafts since I was 11. After my parents’ divorced, I was raised by my grandparents who had nothing to distract me with so they gave me unlimited access to Chinese and Korean Drama. One of my most favorite Chinese drama of all time is Princess Pearl (also known as My Fair Princess). I dreamed of living a life like the main character, Xiaoyanzi because of how strong, brave, and happy she always is. I tried to dressed up like her and came up with ideas on how to make my own hairpins and hats to go with my outfit. Unfortunately, at that time, my grandparents didn’t make alot of money, so all of my items were limited to Dollar and 99 cent store items.  It was not fun doing a project with limited budget, but as a kid I didn’t care. All it matters to me was to dress up like my model princess. With that I started to make beautiful hair pins, hair clips, and even decorated my shoe just like the drama. That is the start of my ThriftedCrafts.

How I got inspired to officially start ThriftedCrafts
I stopped doing craft after I moved in with my mom and little brother. Schools works and watching my brother kept me so occupied and distracted. It wasn’t until after I finished school that I finally started to do crafting projects again. That is when I realized how much excitement and happiness crafting gave me back then. It is busy work, but the ending projects always put in a smile on my face and make me feel proud of creations, even the failed ones.  Craftings also teaches me lifetime skills that are applicable in my everyday life. Since then, I wanted to have a portfolio where I can document each of my projects. Thus, this led me to start a blog to share my projects.